Thomas Here

Hey, I'm Thomas and I've taken over the writing in this blog on disability views. Got some catching up to do, but that's okay cause I'll spend some time getting this thing up to date and post some more info and views on the way life looks from a wheelchair.

If you are wondering, the site is hosted by a friend of mine who knows all about that side of things. I just write the stuff cause it wouldn't be right coming from someone who is not physically handicapped. He asked me to add this cause he knows there are some who will want to do some checking up on who owns the domain and hosting and it ain't me!

A little about me, but not too much cause while I appreciate the Internet for the ability to publish personal thoughts and opinions, I also like to keep my personal privacy.

I'm Thomas and I'm a man in my late 40s who suffered in a car accident 10 years ago or so. My spine was broken and I'm paralyzed pretty much from the waist down. Some things still work okay (small blessings) but my legs don't, so I use a wheelchair to get around mostly plus I have an electric scooter for making those short trips to the local stores and visiting some friends that live nearby when I'm too lazy to push myself around or wait for my good friend and neighbor to push me.

I'm not saying where I live, cause I don't want to do that. What I will say is that I am from an era when political correctness did not exist and I'll be darned if I'm going to start being picky about what I say and the way I describe stuff, especially when it comes to my own way of life. To me, I'm a handicapped guy, so all this nonsense about being "a person with disabilities" sure sounds nice and fluffy, but it doesn't in my mind convey the true nature of the way I have to live.

You can wrap it up in a nice package so you don't offend anyone who is NOT handicapped, but it actually offends me when able bodied folks try to hide behind "nice" words and phrases cause they're embarrassed or don't like to face the truth. Well, I am living the truth, so don't offend me with those pathetic labels. This is me:



Glad we straight about that.

Hope you like the new format and that my own personal views are not too strong for you!