Whats Wrong with Sidewalk Handicap Ramps

It doesn't matter where you are these days, but when you are in a wheelchair and you need to cross the street you're suppose to be grateful to town planning for installing handicap ramps on sidewalks so its easy to get across without having to bump up or down a high kerbstone. Well, its not always so simple.

Many sidewalk ramps were fitted by workmen who didn't understand exactly what they needed to do with these things, so often you'll come across them where they are not completely flush with the blacktop, but raised about an inch or so. Well, I guess they guys fitting them thought they'd be okay cause they are ramps, right?

Well, you try crossing the street in a wheelchair and hit an inch or so barrier of cement with the small front wheels of the chair and see what happens! Yep, you come to a dead stop and with a jolt if you're not paying attention. Then you have to go through the hassle of lifting the front so you can get up.

Okay, its only an inch or so lift, but hey, why do we even have to do that?

Why can't these guys use their gray matter when fitting the ramps and make them completely flush against the blacktop? Is it really such a big thing to ask? Man, it is just a small thing, but its a big deal when you have to stop and do the lift cause an inch or six inches, it doesn't make much difference cause you still have to stop and lift.

You know, a ramp in the right place and in the right size is a joy to use and a real necessity for those of us who need them. It doesn't take much to get it right when fitting them. Like, a nice smooth roll on roll off sort of thing ought not to be such a big thing to have to ask for, now is it? We need good quality, well fitted and sensibly placed handicap ramps and their many uses will go to benefit all who use them. Put them where we need them, and put them in right. So let's all think on this before any more are put in place without too much thought as to who will be using them and why they should not protrude above the surface they are butted up against.

Well, that's off my chest and anyone who sees this I'm sure can empathize with this small yet not so small complaint. When you're on wheels, the smoother the better!