Small Wheeled Handicap Scooters Are a No No

You know, the last post I wrote about the problems with sidewalk ramps got me thinking about another side to the problem that didn't hit me until today when I was out for a breath of fresh air. I had made it all the way to the main street in my town where the smaller stores are and I was just taking a breather and watching the world go by when I happened to spot a guy trundling in my direction on his handicap scooter.

It was a real small one, four wheeler and looked really lightweight. As he got closer, I was thinking what a great idea as these machines were getting ever smaller and that would make them more portable for getting in and out of vehicles etc. Then the world came crashing in as reality hit the sidewalk at the same time as the guy tried to cross the street at the traffic lights on the corner of an intersection.

He made it down onto the street okay but when he tried to get up onto the sidewalk the other side he stopped dead and was nearly thrown out of his seat. Guess he hit the dreaded one inch raised ramp and it struck me why he was having such a rough ride. His lightweight electric scooter had the smallest wheels I ever saw on a handicap scooter. They were like supermarket shopping basket wheels and they were no match for that tiny little insignificant one inch raised ramp!

Lucky for him some guy stopped to help him up but he had to bodily lift the front of the scooter up to set it onto the sidewalk. Man, I wish the town planner who designated that ramp had been there to see that and maybe choke on his sandwich. But the message is pretty clear to anyone thinking of buying a motorized scooter.

Avoid the handicap scooters with the tiny wheels! Or at least if you want to cut down on the weight, you can get them with large front wheels and small rear wheels. Your choice!

Sure, you can complain all you want to the city department, but it won't do you any good if you can't get up the darn ramp to even get across the street to the appropriate municipal building. Better just make sure you buy a handicap scooter with big wheels that are man enough to mount those annoying raised ramps that were put in by people who had no idea what they were for.