Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs Have Their Uses

Hi there again. In this article I want to steer off the handicap scooter track for a while and take a look at the manual, old fashioned way of getting around when your legs can't do it for you. Wheelchairs have been the source of a sense of freedom and mobility for millions of people throughout the many years since their development and eventual use in the mainstream. So let's look at one facet of these remarkable devices in the foldable, lightweight wheelchairs that you can now get.

Now don't get me wrong here, these portable wheelchairs are not meant as a permanent replacement for the heavier, rigid chairs that we use on a daily basis. the main reason for this is the lightweight portable wheelchairs are lacking in the comfort department to a certain extent, mainly because padding adds weight and so there is less padding on these models. There is also less metal in them, with lightweight aluminum frames that are by necessity less rigid and made of thinner gauge aluminum than rigid wheelchairs.

That's not to say they are going to fall apart as soon as you sit in them. But neither are they going to stand up to any heavy punishment that the regular wheelchair can take in its stride.

Their strength of purpose is in their design, which is slanted toward greater portability and easier carrying rather than robustness and longevity. If you need to travel, say on a train or airplane, then you will have a great head start with a folding portable wheelchair that is lightweight and lakes up very little room when folded up. You can take them on airplanes, get to your seat and have a member of the aircraft's staff stow it away for you for the duration of the flight, then get it back to you when you need to disembark at your destination. This is perfect as there is little storage space aboard most planes.

Same goes for trains, coaches, greyhounds etc and even small handicap vans cause storage space is always at a premium and the smaller and less room your wheelchair is gonna take up, the better for the transportation vehicle and maybe your ticket costs you less too! Did I say there were benefits that come with these chairs?

So that's why they are a good idea but only if you intend doing any traveling. If you're just staying around your hometown, then there's not much point in getting one. But if you are gonna travel, then a lightweight folding wheelchair is a great idea for taking with your instead of your regular, heavier, rigid wheelchair for a whole host of good reasons.