A Look at Handicap Wheelchair Lifts

When it comes to getting up or down a collection of steps or a full flight of stairs while sitting in a wheelchair, there is no easy way except to be manhandled by some kind passers-by if you really want to get up or down there. But that is not the only solution these days as often in public places and especially public buildings, where there are stairs and no alternative for people with disabilities like an elevator, there are the wonderful handicap wheelchair lifts to do the job. So what are these exactly and how do they work?

Well, they are pretty simple devices really, when you look at the mechanics of them. They are basically a rail that runs the length of the stairway that is fixed in place for security to which is fixed a platform that runs along the rail. The platform is driven by an electric motor to go up or down and there are some neat extras that make it all very usable and easy to use.

First of all, the platform itself is big and strong enough to take the size and weight of a wheelchair and its occupant and even a motorized wheelchair or scooter. The platform sits horizontal when in use for the wheelchair to be easily rolled on and there is a locking device that differs between models that is there to stop the wheelchair moving while in transit up or down the stairs. When not in use, the platform raises to a vertical position so that able bodied folks cam still use the stairs as normal.

The whole wheelchair stair lift device is operated by a simple lever to go up or down or stop and is convenience itself because it is so easy to use by just about anyone. They can be fitted in the home too, so that you have a residential stair lift for your wheelchair to enable you to access all of your home, making them a really wonderful addition to your home for access purposes and also are great for public places.