Navigating a Handicap Scooter Through the Christmas Shoppers

You guessed right by the title that I had a very distressing time recently. It was as recently as yesterday, which is why I'm writing this up now, while its still fresh in my mind. You know, everyone loves Christmas and I'm no different cause its a great time to spend with family and friends and everyone seems to take on a special kind of happy glow this time of year. At least they do once the lead-up to the holidays is over and done with.

But its the lead-up that is really not all that nice and in fact, if I were going to be a Scrooge, it would be to "Bah, humbug!" the whole Christmas shopping craze that gets more insane every year. Or maybe I'm just getting older and it seems that way. How anyone with two good legs can manage in the frenzied buying spree that captures everyone this time of the year is beyond me. I tried to get around in my handicap scooter and the sidewalks were a nightmare with idiots laden with too many bags of stuff just walking crazy everywhere and not looking where they were going. I lost count of how many idiots walked right into me, some of them tripping over and spilling the contents of said bags out over the sidewalk and swearing angrily at me for being in their goddam way!

Can you believe the nerve of some people. Like it was my fault for just being there that they couldn't look where they were going and just had to stumble into me like I was a dam mailbox or something! Sheesh! But that wasn't the worst of it. me and my little motorized scooter tried to get into the stores that had ramps, but those ramps were so clogged up with young people just hanging that it was a major operation just to get past them. You know, "Hey buddy, can you make a little room for a disabled guy to get past?" fell on deaf ears most of the time and when the morons did hear me, all I got were looks of "WTF you wanna get past for?"

So its official. I hate shopping at Christmas!

Christmas shopping for people with disabilities using their handicap scooters at the stores is just not very much fun any more, like it ever was. Next year I will cancel the whole thing and buy all my gifts online and have them delivered and the stores and their crazy customers can do without my money thank you very much!