Handicap Resources and Facilities

This section of the site is concerned with the kinds of resources and useful facilities that are available for people with disabilities in a variety of situations that can make life just that little easier and more comfortable. It's something that I feel needs to be covered in this site and so I am producing a collection of articles to cater for the several topics of interest that fit in here.

Making Life Better

There are many ways in which life can be made just that little bit better by having certain conveniences around the place that take some of the load off daily tasks. Some things are simply accepted as the norm such as a well equipped bathroom and shower enclosure, low level switches and easy to reach electricity outlets.

There are other things that really can make a huge difference such as a stair lift in two storey homes, or an outdoor chairlift where there is a yard or garden on an incline with different levels. Being able to get around your home and your garden without encumbrances is a real improvement over the way things were before the introduction of affordable mobility aids and accessibility devices.


Of course probably the biggest aid to mobility is the motorized or electric wheelchair that runs on battery power and enables a person to get around their home and out into the world outside without the need for a helper to push them around in a conventional chair. The specifications just keep getting better while prices remain constant or gradually go down.

But in addition to the big things, there are plenty of little things that can make small but definite improvements to the way we live each day. It is these that I have decided to include in the separate pages listed below.

A Look at Affordable Disability Resources and Facilities

Below you'll see a list of titles that describe what each page covers. Choose which one interests you by clicking the link to open the page: