Accessible Walk In Bathtubs

Taking a regular bath for a person with disabilities can prove to be anything from uncomfortable and stressful to downright impossible in many cases. In an attempt to provide a solution to this situation, specially designed handicap bathtubs have been devised that make taking a relaxing bath a feasible and enjoyable occasion.

Of course, this is by no means a perfect solution to the problem, as everyone will have different needs according to the type of their disability. But at least it provides the means of taking a bath in a dignified and relatively comfortable manner, for which a regular bath cannot.

Here, we'll take a look at the handicap bathtub design and how it is used as well as the pluses and minuses of this type of handicapped bathroom design accessory.

Using a Handicapped Bath

The major design feature of accessible bathtubs is that they enable the user to enjoy complete submersion in the water as opposed to taking a shower and they do that by providing a unit with a side access panel. To make that more graphical, the handicap bathtub has what amounts to a waterproof door that swings open to allow the user to gain entry without having to climb over anything, then seals shut when the user is safely inside.

The watertight door has a secure latch which ensures that none of the bathwater can leak out while the bathtub is filled with water. When the user has finished enjoying their bath, they simply drain the water as you would do in a normal bath, then open the door to exit.

There is a much reduced risk of slipping while the user is getting in or out of the bathtub, as there is no need to balance to climb over the side. Slippery surfaces are dealt with by the provision of a non-slip surface.

A handicapped bath provides access from either a standing or sitting position, which makes them ideal for anyone who wishes to submerge fully in bath water. They are therefore ideal for the elderly, anyone with degenerative conditions including multiple sclerosis, severe arthritis or Parkinson's disease as well as people who are confined to a wheelchair.

Benefits of Handicap Bathtubs

If you wanted to quantify the major benefit of a handicap bathtub against a regular bathtub, it would have to be safety. The act of moving through a door without having to climb over anything is far safer than having to step over a ledge. This is especially so if you have balance problems.

Another great benefit of a handicapped bath over taking a shower in an accessible unit is that being able to completely submerge in warm water is very therapeutic. This makes them perfect for people with such medical conditions that would make it impossible to take a bath without such a specialized accessible tub. It is well known that warm water can ease joint pain while relaxing tense muscles.

A warm bath is similarly great for the relief of stress, which is so important for anyone who suffers from a debilitating medical condition.

Caution While Using a Walk-in Bathtub

While a handicap bath has many obvious benefits for those not able to use a regular tub, certain precautions must still be taken when using one. There is a greater risk of falling when you're standing on a surface that is wet despite the non-slip surface. For this reason, grab bars and sturdy built-in seats are recommended to help decrease any risk of falling or injury.

Walk in bathtubs are a huge benefit for anyone who is unable to safely use a regular bath unsupervised or unaided as they provide the freedom of reliance on a helper and a more dignified means to take a relaxing, enjoyable bath. Read more about them and those benefits here:


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tirelesstraveler said:

These tubs intrigue me. I assume you sit in the tub then fill it with water. How do you keep the bather from getting cold while tub fills? Do they fill quickly?

Admin said:

They fill as quickly as your water supply can deliver water through the faucet. Keeping the bather warm while the tub fills is the same way you or I keep warm in a cool bathroom when we take a shower. We turn on the heater!