Raised Toilet Seats

When it comes to adding convenience and usability to your bathroom, raised toilet seats are a great accessory to make life easier and more comfortable. Whatever your particular facility needs may be, it is certainly a good choice to do what you can to make this part of life as convenient as it can be.

Elevated Seats for the Toilet

If you never heard of this accessory before, here is a simple description that will give you an image in your mind of what it is. And if that's not enough, there is a real image below of what's available on sale online that pictorially presents it.

Basically this is an attachment that fits over a standard toilet basin replacing the original seat. It raises the height of the seat for easy use by a wheelchair user or person who finds it difficult to sit and get up again from a lower regular unit.

Some of these models are quite simple and comprise just the heightened seat itself. Other models include hand rails for greater support and ease of use by people with physical disabilities or movement limitations due to surgery, injury or other mobility related problem.

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser with Removable Arms for Standard Toilets

Pictured to the right is a top quality model of riser that includes removable hand rails and is sturdy and robust enough to withstand daily use. The beauty of this model is that the original seat can be used to keep down the cost so you only pay for the riser and hand rails.

Top Features:

There are some great features that mark this product as a leader in its field:

When the surprisingly low price is compared to the amount of relief and convenience this seat can provide, you'll soon see what great value it really does represent!

Installing the Drive Medical Seat Riser

Installation is very easy, with it being perfectly obvious which way around it goes and which is top and bottom. You simply remove the existing seat, place the riser in place and put the rails on the riser.

Then place the old seat top of the riser with the bolt holes at the back and put in the bolts, tightening the wing nuts from below then finishing off with a screwdriver from the top. The installation should take you around 10 minutes to complete!

Buying This Seat Riser Accessory for Your Bathroom

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It's great for anyone that has trouble getting on or off their toilet or who simply needs that extra height for comfortable use. You can even get it gift wrapped when you buy it from Amazon online via the "But it Now" button above.