How Handicap Bathtubs Improve Bathing Safety

Most people like to enjoy soaking in a hot bath to relax and wind down after a hard day as well as using it as a means of getting clean. But not everyone can do that.

To people with disabilities, the elderly and those with degenerative illness or injuries, taking a bath becomes a major physical problem, with the appearance of obstacles not noticed by those who are able bodied, healthy or in a sound state of fitness.

Comfort and Dignity

For bathing in comfort and with dignity for people with disabilities, these specially produced accessible handicap bathtubs are the perfect solution to the problems associated with a regular bathtub. The problems arising with simple things that most people take for granted, such as the safety issues, convenience and ease of use are overcome with one of these amazing tubs.

Using a Handicap Bathtub

These units are designed so that the user can take a bath in a sitting position on a molded, integrated seat without fear of sliding down. The sides are high with a waterproof access door for ease of getting in and out and this enables the user to be completely immersed in hot water to enjoy that long, relaxing soak like anyone else.

Surfaces are non-slip to prevent accidents and there are grab rails built in to the sides to facilitate raising and lowering as well as transferring to and from a wheelchair. This is also a great benefit for anyone who is overweight or has severe physical mobility limitations.

Inside the tub, the faucets are high and very simple to use, so that the user can operate them easily from their sitting position without having to stretch out of their seat, which of course would be difficult or even impossible for some users. Similarly, a mechanical lever for opening and closing the drain plug is integrated in the faucet unit because it would be an impossibility for a handicapped person to bend down and retrieve a regular drain plug from the floor of the unit.

What it Means for a Person with Physical Disabilities

For the wheelchair user, the inclusion of a side access door adjacent to the integrated bath seat is perfect for transferring from the wheelchair into the bath directly onto the seat. The door is simply opened while the bath is empty of water, the user transfers to the seat and then closes the door, which locks to prevent accidental opening while the tub is full with water.

When the user has finished, the water is drained.

Taking a Bath Can Be a Joy

The facility of a towel rack placed outside the tub within easy reach for the user is down to careful and thoughtful planning of the handicapped bathroom design and layout, so the user can dry themselves or put on a drying robe before exiting the bath. Then the door can be unlocked, opened and it is then a relatively simple matter of transferring back to the wheelchair.

So you can see there are many benefits to having a walk-in bathtub installed into your bathroom if you have the need of one for a variety of reasons, not least of all that you can bathe unaided and with dignity and comfort. Bathing can now be enjoyed in safety and comfort and something to be looked forward to rather than dreaded!