Natural Arthritis Remedies Part 1

There are many things that a person suffering with arthritis can do to help themselves. I look at my aunt who has suffered rheumatoid arthritis for years and she has coped really well just by keeping active and watching what she eats. She has the disease but it never seems to get any worse, so she must be doing something right.

So here's my take on some of the things I learned from my aunt and from reading some books and websites on the subject of home remedies for arthritis. I'm just letting my fingers follow what my mind splurges out here, so it might be a little like going round the block a few times, but I'll get there!


Hell yeah! "What you eat is what you get," my aunt always says and so far as I can tell she's probably as close to right as you can get. So to get a good level of understanding of what's OK to eat and what's not OK, here's looking at it backwards and listing the things that are not OK to eat (according to my aunt and how it correlates with what I've read).

What You Cannot Eat!

Dairy stuff is all off the menu. It's full of saturated fats and those fats are an inflamed joint just waiting to happen. That means cheese, butter, yogurt, cream, full cream milk, milkshakes and anything that's made with any of those things. Sure, that's a lot of food you suddenly can't eat, but what do you want? To eat some nice cheese and have excruciating pain for the next 12 hours?

Red meat is off the menu. It too contains saturated fats as well as a load of medications that vets pump these animals full of to keep them from getting sick, plus steroids to make 'em grow fast. That means beef, lamb, pork, venison, horse (if you like that kinda thing), ox, yak or anything else that comes from an animal on four legs! Just stop looking at that juicy hamburger like it's a must have and start thinking of it as a must NOT have!

Processed food is off the menu. Well come on, you know its bad for you on many different levels. Hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, fries etc just don't eat them. Plus they make you fat and smell bad too.

Refined white flour products are off the menu. So basically white bread, pasta, cakes, pies, pastries, cookies and all the nice stuff is on the "Do not eat" list. Wheat contains gluten and gluten triggers inflammation, which is why its not allowed. Plus all those foods make you gain weight and you do not want to be arthritic and overweight, It puts more strain on your joints and guess what? More pain!

Refined white sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup and all sweet things sweetened with them are off the menu. They also make you fat plus they irritate cells and cause more inflammation to happen.

What You Can Eat!

That was a horribly long list of all the things you like to eat, right? Well, it's not so bad... OK, its real bad, but what you gonna do? There are still plenty of things you can eat and be real healthy if you want to beat arthritis into submission and remission.

Poultry is on the menu. You can eat chicken and turkey in moderation. Eggs are borderline, but two a week is ok.

Fish is on the menu. Most fish is OK to eat (but avoid shellfish, shrimp and lobster). Go for oily fish like mackerel, fresh tuna and salmon as they all contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial to arthritis sufferers and their joints.

The Mediterranean Diet is on the menu. This is the healthiest diet on the planet because it includes small amounts of fresh meat (but only go for poultry - see above) but lots of fish, vegetables, salads and fruit with lots of olive oil, onions and garlic. If you hate the smell of garlic, learn to stop hating it and embrace this pungent little bulb with all your heart. It is so good for you on so many levels it's just truly amazing.

Fruits and vegetables are on the menu. You need the antioxidants contained in fresh fruits but avoid oranges as they are very acidic and can irritate inflamed joints.

Nuts, seeds and pulses are on the menu. Go for walnuts and flax seeds as both are rich in omega 3. Almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts are also very healthy. You can eat peas and most beans except red kidney beans. Avoid peanuts and peanut butter.

Whole wheat bread is borderline but OK in moderation because it generally has much lower levels of gluten than white. Go for multi-grain or oat breads if you can get them, or learn to make your own!

Is that enough to get you started?

Well, this is just part 1. I'll continue in Part 2 with other home remedies that you can use to help reduce the pain and swelling and get some mobility back into stiff and aching joints.